Multi-Room Audio

Multi Room Audio enables you to listen to different music in different rooms at different volumes all from one, easy to use system. Our Multi Room Audio Systems allow listeners to spend more time relaxing and less time hassling with complicated stereo equipment.

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Wireless Multi Room Audio 

Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music all over your home, rather than just one room? Even better; what about different music in different rooms, at different volume levels? An iPhone Controlled Multi Room Audio system is one of the most convenient and easily controlled systems out there. Our wireless multi room audio covers your whole house and will play all of your music, no matter where it’s stored.

Multi room audio video distribution systems have to be reliable. Our systems use their own wireless mesh that is ultra-reliable and not dependent on other wireless devices for bandwidth. This allows for a higher-quality connection, free from interference with other wifi devices. If someone on your network is downloading large files or streaming Netflix, it won’t interfere with your multiroom home audio systems.

Are you having a party? No problem. Pipe music to all the rooms and around the swimming pool setting the perfect mood. With weather-proof speakers, the kids can splash in the pool without you worrying about multi room audio systems getting wet. Also, adjust the volume levels and control what plays from a simple local interface or wireless touch screen. Your system can be wireless for installs in older homes to prevent a long installation process.

Set the perfect romantic mood with just the right music at the right volume. Or listen to music in the bathroom, the bedroom, on the patio or in the swimming pool. Have your favorite track or radio station wake you up in the morning. Set a “cooking” scene for the lights to brighten in the kitchen and play upbeat music to get you in the cooking mood. Or, for your “wake up” scene you can have your favorite album start playing while the lights slowly brighten. With your multi room audio you will be able to always have the appropriate ambiance for your home.

With your multi room home sound systems you can have music in every room without the bulky speakers in every corner of the house. At Custom Integrators we are the home of the Invisible Speaker and can install any speakers all through your home without a trace. You will get the highest quality whole house multi-room audio systems, but without the trail of speakers and wires. Watch as your guests are amazed by the sound quality coming from the walls, but with no speakers showing!

You will have access to your wireless multi room audio from anywhere in the world or an easy to use keypad that is conveniently placed in your home for everyone to access easily. You can have it all with a multi room audio system, setting the mood for any occasion in your home. Surprise your guests with the highest quality home on the block, and increase your home value!

Our best multi room audio systems will enable you to do just this and much more - listen to thousands of radio stations from across the world, playback music from your own digital library, or broadcast the audio from your television. Call the Waco multi room audio systems experts from Custom Integrators for an evaluation.