HD Video Distribution

Video Distribution Systems allow a number of sources, such as Blu-Ray players, HD DVD players, Satellite Receivers, Media Players, Game Consoles, etc. to be shown simultaneously and independently in different places/zones within a house. This uses a common platform which supports the latest standards in the transmission of high definition audio and video, with high resolutions and color depth.

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Whole House Video Distribution Systems

HD Video Distribution solutions can be very simple, such as distributing high definition content in two places/zones or more complex, such as distributing high definition content to four, eight, or even sixteen places/zones. The advances in the technology of distribution of high definition audio and video content using HDMI cabling and HDMI accessories have enabled the deployment of customized installations based on several criteria such as a number of sources, types of sources, number of displays, distances to displays etc.

HD distribution televisions provide crisp, clear images not available with standard cable or satellite imaging. But installing HDTV tuners in every room of your home that has a television set can become expensive; even more costly and difficult would be running component video and digital audio cabling from room to room. Luckily, several options are available that will allow you to access your high-definition media without breaking your budget.

If you are looking for HD Distribution throughout several rooms of your home or business, we have Whole House Video Distribution Systems you need. Contact us today for the best in Whole House Video Distribution Waco Texas.