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Additional Products and Services

Automated Shade and Window Blinds System Design and Installation

Increase your comfort. Reduce harsh glare, and flood your home with soft, natural light. Save on energy costs. Protect your interiors and valuable items.

Custom Integrators is a trusted Qmotion automated shade and window treatments system dealer and installer in Central Texas. We are proud to offer a commendable collection of Qmotion automated shade and window blinds systems.

With revolutionary and sophisticated motorized window treatments from QMotion, adjust the amount of daylight coming in your home quickly and conveniently.

Our expert window shade installers can take care of the design and installation of Qmotion shades and blinds for you. Our experience and industry knowledge, combined with Qmotion’s energy efficiency and home automation features, can bring you the best in automated shade and window blind systems.

Qmotion Shades Collection

High-tech natural light control features that come in award-winning, sophisticated designs. Our selection of Qmotion shades delivers unparalleled noise control – virtually zero sound when activated.

Qmotion’s commitment to award-winning window technology concepts and smart design entails low-voltage power. This is an excellent way to save on energy costs and lower your carbon footprint – while maintaining a comfortable and beautiful space.

Qmotion Window Treatments

Completely wireless

Qmotion motorized use standard D cell alkaline batteries.

Quiet motors

Zero noise so you won’t be disturbed by or concerned about motor noise.

Convenient maintenance and use

Easily installed batteries that can last up to three years. Control the blinds via the Qmotion app or use a multi-function remote control, or automate and schedule with a Control4 control system. You can also set up Qmotion blinds for voice control with the Amazon Alexa app.

Premium selections

Vast array of elegant and high-quality fabrics to choose from.

Qmotion shades are some of the best in the motorized shade market. Whether you want to use them for home window coverings, AV or cinematic use, office windows, or hotels and healthcare facilities – you’ll find the perfect Qmotion shade option.

We offer an elite and technologically advanced selection of Qmotion shades.

Authorized Qmotion Dealer

We are an authorized Qmotion automated shade installation and automated window treatments installation company.

You can rest assured we are highly trained and experienced in designing, installing, and fitting Qmotion products. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can bring Qmotion technology to your space with ease.

Call us to speak with one of our automated window treatment experts. We have a team of creative designers to help you pick the ideal motorized window system perfect for your home.

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Central Vacuum Systems

With a professional central vacuum system installation service from Custom Integrators, vacuuming could just be the chore you look forward to doing.

Vacuuming your home can be inconvenient, noisy, and expensive – especially when you have to buy a new one regularly due to the portable vacuums’ unreliability.

Many homeowners may not even be aware of the home central vacuum system solution they can take advantage of, or some may have misconceptions about how central vacuum systems work.

We’re here to tell you installing a central vacuum is the future when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy.

Say Goodbye to Bulky Vacuums

No longer will you have to deal with carrying a bulky vacuum from room to room when you’re not even 100% sure that it’s cleaning your floors thoroughly.

Our expert vacuum system specialists can have the suctioning component installed on a wall port on every floor of your house or anywhere you like it. It can come with a retractable hose ready to use – so you won’t have to tote the house around. We can even install sweep pans that you can sweep into, which then carry the dust or crumbs away.

No more vacuum noise. Powerful and effective cleaning. Extremely easy to use. Reduced allergens. Cleaner air. A smart investment for your home. Vacuuming made easy with the revolutionary central vacuum system from Custom Integrators.

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Home Lighting Control Systems

Let us create a custom-tailored home lighting automation systems for you that’s easy to use, optimize, and integrate.

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family at home, watching a movie, or simply unwinding after a long day, enhance the mood in your space with the right amount of lighting.

Energy Savings

Lighting control systems can significantly help you on energy savings up to 30-50%. We can help you set the lights to turn on or off or at certain lighting levels, reducing their wattage which contributes to energy efficiency.

Improved Security

Boost your home security efforts with remote lighting control. Smart lighting can be remotely controlled or programmed to your preferred settings when you’re away.

We can also integrate your home automated lighting system into your home security system to turn the lights on when an unwanted activity is detected within your premises.

Types of Lighting Controls

Choose from these lighting controls to fit your individual needs.

  • Motion sensors – lights that respond to movements. Ideal for utility and security lights.
  • Occupancy sensors – detects motion or sound to check if the space is occupied.
  • Dimmers – adjust the lighting levels according to your preferences.
  • Light or PIR sensors – turn off or dim the lights when there’s daylight.
  • Time-clock controls – set a schedule for the lights to turn or and off at various times of the day.

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Non-Invasive Integration of Lighting Controls into Your Property

If you have a new construction or looking to upgrade your home, we can bring in a lighting solution ideal for you. No need for a wide-scale remodeling project for a lighting control retrofitting from Custom Integrators.

We make sure that all our home lighting control systems projects adhere to the most current building standards and energy code requirements.

We work within your budget, but we can also allow for future expansions and upgrades should your space, budget, or occupancy requirements change.

Our years of experience and industry knowledge in home automation services allow us to enhance the space rather than interfere with it. Call us today.

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Climate and Energy Control with Control4 Thermostats

Advanced smart thermostat settings. Clean indoor air circulation. The ultimate comfort and efficiency – that’s what you get with Control4 smart thermostats.

Our industry knowledge, combined with our Control4 Pinnacle dealer status, allows us to do an impeccable integration between your Control4 thermostat and home automation system.

Our friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff can help guide you to make the most out of your Control4 thermostat. Get in touch with us today.

Home Climate Control Installation

Comfortable indoor temperatures all-year-round. Climate and lighting settings according to your comfort and preferences. Thermostat activation and monitoring via voice command or with a few quick taps on your mobile device. All this and more with a home climate control installation from Custom Integrators.

Heating and cooling your home can be costly. We’ve helped numerous Central Texas homeowners save on energy costs and achieve a comfortable home life with our innovative home climate control solutions.

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Seamless Nest Integration with Control4

Got a Nest thermostat or other Nest devices? The Nest integration with the Control4 interface allows homeowners to enjoy a fully automated home system – with all the products working together according to the automation preferences of each homeowner. If you need help with integrating your Nest thermostat with your home automation system, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Home Networking Installation Services

As one of the trusted home networking companies in Central Texas since 2009, we strive to deliver outstanding customer experiences – and that extends to our home networking services.

Call us for all your home networking needs. Since 2009, we’ve been meeting the home networking services needs of Central Texas homeowners.

Whether you want to establish a seamless, unified, and secure connection for all your home computers, laptops, and mobile device, or if you need a new modem or router installation, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you choose the right home networking solution.

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