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Professional TV Wall Mounting and Installation

Get rid of cables sticking out of your wall. Achieve a sleek, minimalist, and modern look in your TV room.

With our professional TV mounting services, maximize your space while still producing high-definition video and crystal-clear sound quality.

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Trusted TV Sales & Installation Company

Since 2009, our TV installation specialists have expertly and securely installed thousands of TVs for customers across Central Texas.

Do you need a professional TV installation service for your brand new TV? Perhaps you need a wireless TV installation? If you need a smart solution for a TV in a limited space, you have come to the right place.

Custom TV Wall Mounting Service

We are the most experienced and professional TV wall mounting installers in Central Texas. We pride ourselves on our work and our reputation as a trusted local business in Central Texas.

We specialize in various TV setup and installation services. Whether you want to mount it in the outdoor patio, over a fireplace, in your home theater, or anywhere else, we’ll find the right TV mounting solution that is ideal for you.

Whatever you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We pride ourselves in our friendly, prompt, and reliable services.

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Our experienced and trusted TV wall mounting installers can mount your TV to any type of wall and can work with different types of television screens and materials.

  • Any size of TV from 22” – 100” and above
  • Any type of TV: Smart TV, home cinema, curved or flat screen
  • Any brand of TV: Sony, Samsung, LG, and more
  • Any type of bracket: swivel, flat-to-wall, multi-positional
  • Any kind of wall: solid wood, brick, sheetrock, stone, concrete, etc.

Why Should You Wall Mount Your TV

Maximize Your Space

When your TV is wall-mounted, you can make the most out of the room. Free up more space in your media room, lounge, living room, or bedroom. This advantage is particularly beneficial to those with limited floor space.

Make Your TV Theft-Proof

Top-of-the-line electronic appliances are a target for thieves. When your TV is securely attached to the wall, it won’t be easily taken by any thief.


Another fantastic reason for you to employ the services of a local TV installation company is to keep your screen out of the reach of curious little ones, preventing them from accidentally changing your TV settings or putting their prints all over your screen, or tipping over the TV onto themselves.


A wall-mounted TV with a secure wall bracket won’t get easily damaged. It won’t get walked into or knocked because it’s safely out of the way. Our team of experienced installers can firmly and steadily mount your screen or fix it to a bracket.

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Get Your TV Wall Mounting Service in 4 Quick and Easy Steps

We’ll do a careful assessment of your TV mounting needs, inspect your available space, and give our expert recommendations. We’ll also evaluate what type of wall mounting brackets (flat-to-wall, swivel mounting, multi-positional, etc.)

Book our professional TV wall mounting service.

Once you approve our estimate, you’ll get a confirmation of your appointment. We strive to schedule an installation that works best with your timeframe. Before we dispatch a team member to your home, we will confirm your availability.

Receive safe, insured, and professional TV wall mounting.

Our highly trained and insured TV wall mounting installers will do the service for you. From carefully unpacking the TV, installing it to the optimal location, and securely mounting the TV to the wall.

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Sit back and enjoy the show in your professionally mounted TV with neatly hidden cables and wires. Enjoy the ultimate home viewing experience.

  • Expert guidance on how to best fit and position your TV
  • Fitting all kinds of TVs, including curved or flat-screen smart TV installation, 4K HDTV, plasma, LCD, and more
  • Safe TV setup service
  • Neatly hidden cords and cables chasing
  • All Custom Integrators work is performed by experienced, highly trained, and insured TV wall mounting installers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I place my TV?

If you’re not sure where your TV should be wall-mounted, we’ll be happy to assist you. We’ve done thousands of installations, and we can help you find the perfect spot for your screen.

Three things to remember when deciding where to place your TV: access to a power outlet, wall stud locations, and your viewing area.

Can my walls support mounting a TV?

Our installers will first carefully inspect your space before starting the service.

Can you hide the cables and wires?

Absolutely! Cable concealing is one of our fortes. Our installers can conceal all cables while making sure they are protected from any damage.

Do I need to provide the TV wall brackets?

No, we can provide all mounts and brackets needed; we stock a wide range of professional grade TV mounts and brackets.

We can provide the needed brackets (that will be included in the estimate) once we find out the exact make and model of your unit. We want to make sure the proper components are used to avoid any problems.

What do I need to do before the TV installation appointment?

Please check the accessibility to electrical outlets and if they are within reach of your desired spot. If not, you may need an electrician to add an outlet at the desired location.

Will the installers bring their own equipment?

Yes, all our TV wall mounting installers have a range of tools needed to do the job expertly.

Our Professional Service Can Help You Avoid Common TV Mounting Mistakes

Picking the wrong area on the wall. Not using the appropriate tools. Not having the right know-how. Using the wrong TV mounting bracket. Incorrect TV height. Damaging the cables by stretching them too much. Not properly adjusting the picture and sound quality after mounting the TV.

These are the common pitfalls of TV wall mounting – whether you go the do-it-yourself route or hire inexperienced installers. With our careful and precise TV wall mounting services, your TV will be at the optimum position for the best viewing distance and area.

Get a guaranteed safe, secure, and expertly handled TV mounting from Custom Integrators. We strive to deliver a fantastic professional experience to our clients with our reliable and friendly service.

If you need any type of assistance with TV installation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are also a trusted provider of complete smart home solutions for new and existing homes. From smart home design and planning, pre-wiring, home automation, and other home solutions.

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