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What Are the Benefits of Ceiling Speakers: A Brief Guide to Clutter-free Listening

Ceiling speakers can reduce clutter.

If you’re tired of the bulky speakers cluttering your space, in-ceiling speakers are the perfect devices for your home entertainment pleasure, without the clutter and annoying wires. But what are in-ceiling speakers, and what are the benefits of ceiling speakers?

Ceiling speakers are a long-term audio solution that will provide room-filling sound for decades. However, you need to choose one that matches how good you want the sound in your room.

Do you like ambient music? Or do you sometimes throw parties? Or is it a bit of both? The rooms you spend the most time in should have the more powerful models. Other areas primarily serving as background music would suffice with smaller or less costly models.

Your ceiling speakers will probably differ in size, shape, power, and cost for each room. All ceiling speakers require power from an external amplifier, which should be connected to each ceiling speaker through a speaker cable. We cover all the important factors you should consider in your ceiling speaker choice below.

Factors to Consider When Choosing In-Ceiling Speakers

Speaker Type

 What are the benefits of ceiling speakers?

These are for those looking for the most discreet audio install possible. Ceiling speakers are cut and mounted into the ceiling above your room.

The quality of in-ceiling speakers can range from background listening options to full audiophile-level speakers. Please get in touch with one of our friendly advisors to ensure we find the best ceiling speakers for you and ensure your budget goes as far as possible.

Mono Vs. Single Stereo Ceiling Speakers

Most conventional ceiling speakers are described as “mono,” meaning they output either the left or the right channel of sound. This means they should only be used with a second mono ceiling speaker to produce a left and right stereo pair.

However, many customers often say that the space on the ceiling needs to be more open or feasible for setting up a pair of ceiling speakers. Installing one mono speaker would sound awful due to the speaker only outputting the music’s left or right channel.

That’s why the single stereo speaker was created, a single ceiling speaker with a left and right channel built-in. This means you can install just one speaker into a smaller-sized space and still receive stereo sound.

They are generally also of better value than buying a pair of monos, but the stereo separation will be better than two separate monos. We recommend opting for a single stereo speaker with limited space.

In-wall Speakers

These speakers have similar options as in-ceiling speakers but are normally mounted to the room’s walls instead of ceilings. Choose this alternative for an enhanced TV surround sound experience. The audio will be at ear level, unlike a ceiling speaker where the sound originates from overhead. This provides a superior listening encounter.

In-wall speakers are also great when ceiling mounting is impossible, but a discreet audio solution is still required.

Outdoor Ceiling Speakers

These ceiling speakers have been custom-designed to provide audio to any external space in your home.

Speaker Depth

This can be a critical element to your in-ceiling or in-wall install. The measurement is the depth (space) required behind the finished ceiling or wall plasterboard. We offer a range of speakers with different depths to suit all situations.

Ultra slim in-ceiling speakers are typically more expensive than standard depth models of the same quality. This is because more expensive parts are required to give great sound from a slim form factor.

Speaker Size

Ceiling speakers usually come in two common sizes: 6.5 inches or 8 inches. The size specifically indicates the cone’s dimensions, not the overall size of the speaker. The 6.5-inch version is a highly practical and adaptable speaker, perfect for smaller to medium-sized areas.

Nevertheless, opting for the 8-inch version leads to a significant enhancement in bass performance. With bigger drivers, the ceiling speaker can push out more air, which enables the sound to travel further in the space.

That is why we recommend, as the size of the space increases, that we start considering upgrading from 6.5 to 8-inch speakers so that the sound can be heard clearly from a larger proportion of the room. Be aware that 8-inch speakers will be more visually noticeable than a 6.5-inch.


All ceiling speakers have a white grille, but most can be painted to suit your taste or surroundings.

Speaker Shape

The two variants in shape are round and square. Round is normally the preferred shape, but it may be worth considering installing a square finish if you have installed square downlights or have a very angular design in your room.

However, there are no differences in sound quality between round and square speakers, so it is a case of personal preference in appearance.

Quantity Of Ceiling Speakers For Your Room

There are many factors to consider when choosing ceiling speakers.

How many speakers do you need? It’s closely linked to your room’s size, and the uniformity of sound is crucial.

Let’s say you’re throwing a get-together with ambient music and two 6.5-inch speakers in a living area (approximately 15 square meters). As the night progresses, you opt to raise the volume of the music.

It would help to increase the volume to compensate for the smaller speakers, as you only use a pair of speakers. This makes it uncomfortable for the guests standing directly underneath these speakers due to their proximity to them.


Consider installing four 6.5-inch speakers in the same space, evenly positioned in a square configuration for this scenario, as the sound can be dispersed more evenly, and the higher volume does not need to compensate for having fewer speakers.

Alternatively, use a pair of 8-inch speakers instead, which will disperse the sound with less effort and provide a deeper bass output due to their larger physical dimensions.

What Are the Benefits of Ceiling Speakers?

In-ceiling speakers are the ultimate tech hack for modern homes. The decision to mount speakers onto the ceiling is the perfect solution to many issues arising from having a clunky speaker unit taking up space in your home. 21st-century lifestyles are increasingly demanding, and coping with the stresses of outdated tech is just one worry we can do without.

There are many advantages to having a ceiling speaker unit installed.

1. Free Up Space

Space is scarce these days. Consider clearing the floor clutter without turning your home into a hall of mirrors for a false sense of spaciousness. Instead of large subwoofers taking up a whole room corner, our discreet speakers can be elegantly mounted on your ceiling.

2. Cable Free Interior

Cables are unpleasant, as mentioned before. It’s embarrassing that even in this advanced era, our TV setups still look like nests of snakes. Our generation should feel ashamed about this reality. Numerous hours have been spent by people attempting to unravel these unattractive things.

These cables also pose a safety risk. Anyone entering a dim room filled with cables knows this well. Your floor shouldn’t resemble an obstacle course. And your effort to find a solution shouldn’t be difficult either. Fortunately, our speakers mounted on the ceiling eliminate one more wire. Your journey to a wireless home experience that is both free and easy begins with us.

3. Music Fills Entire Area

Ceiling speakers offer many benefits.

Ceiling speakers offer excellent sound dispersion. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy audio enthusiast to understand that speakers placed in the corner of a room can make the sound seem boxy and unclear. Regardless of how much money you invest in a new sound system, the placement of your speakers can significantly impact how your music sounds.

In-ceiling speakers enable the sound to flow downward into the room, delivering a high-quality audio experience that feels emanating from the skies. Additionally, with tweeters that can pivot and direct the sound wherever you desire, you can always ensure exceptional audio.

4. No Compromise On Decor

Good interior design is crucial for a home’s appeal. Even if you own a fancy Mayfair apartment, using outdated 80s decor might discourage visitors. The same applies to your sound system.

Top-notch speakers usually need dedicated furniture for support. For those who care about aesthetics, this extra furniture may be excessive. Speakers should blend seamlessly into the home to truly embrace the modern era.

It is recommended to seek bespoke advice on your ceiling speaker project to ensure you get the most out of it. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our friendly integrators about your ceiling speaker project.