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Custom Whole House Audio Design: 6 Reasons to Hire Professionals

It is advisable to hire experts to install your whole house audio for you.

Do you want to elevate your home entertainment experience? Whether you’re planning to have surround sound or a whole-home audio solution, many high-quality options are available with a custom whole house audio design. And while it may seem tempting to do it yourself, even savvy users can benefit from a professional custom installation. With today’s technology, it’s more complex than plugging in a few wires. To get the best experience, it’s often a good idea to leave it to a team of dedicated audio experts.

Why Should You Hire Pros For Custom Whole House Audio Design

The Best Choice

You may have a good idea of what audio solution best meets your home needs. However, looking through the many options available can easily become overwhelming. If you mistakenly choose a less ideal option, you may be unsatisfied and have to return the system for a better-suited one.

When you work with an audio professional for custom whole house audio design, the experts will meet with you and evaluate your home to ensure you get a customized option that works best for your situation.

Better Control

The primary benefit of a professionally installed multi-room audio system is control. No matter how you choose to listen to music – through in-ceiling speakers, in a dedicated listening room, or outside in your backyard – you can experience total control of your system from your smartphone or tablet.

A custom whole house audio design can improve your home entertainment experience.

What does that mean? It goes beyond selecting a song, album, or playlist. Of course, you can do that, too. However, multi-room audio control systems from manufacturers like Control4 and Savant provide song and artist info, full-color album art, and easily organized playlist options.

But you can do even more. For instance, you can create playlists for different rooms or “zones.” Stream rock ‘n’ roll in the living room, hip hop in the bathroom, and country music on the patio. Plus, you can integrate your multi-room audio setup with scenes, so your lighting, shades, and other smart devices adjust with the touch of a button. Reputable professionals like us at Custom Integrators can help you find the right system for your needs, budget, and preferences.

Effective Calibration

Installing your audio equipment isn’t the end of the road. Too much headroom, not enough bass, or diminished mids can ruin your audio experience. An expert will ensure that your sound is calibrated properly. This means you will get the best home audio experience your system offers when watching an action movie.

After your speakers are set up, our experts at Custom Integrators will fine-tune each to ensure they sound the best in the room or hallway where they’re placed. The walls, furniture, carpet, windows, and more can affect the sound. We use top-quality tools and software to give you the best possible sound from your custom whole house audio design.

Part of an effective system design is speaker placement. Your system should offer full coverage without hot spots or peak audio areas. Based on where you want speakers to be located throughout your property, we will develop a customized design that considers acoustics and optimal speaker placement. No matter where you stand in the room, your system should sound the same.

Quick and Easy Installation

Twenty years ago, home audio installation was a fairly simple affair. But with wireless Bluetooth technology, multiple room setups, and voice-activated home audio features, getting your custom whole house audio design installed and running can be complex. For a wired system, sorting out the wiring alone can be daunting. If the system is wired correctly, it will work properly, and you may spend significant time reading through the manual. If you leave it to the professionals, you can rest easy that your custom system will be installed without the hassle and common mistakes.

Stress Reduction

We all deal with plenty of stress in our lives and don’t need to add more. Why not make things easier and let a professional handle the whole custom whole house audio design project? It might cost you some money upfront, but it’ll prevent you from worrying about how much it would cost to fix anything you accidentally broke while learning the hard way. Plus, it’ll give you more time to focus on other tasks that you’re better at.

Aesthetically Pleasing

DIY installations are notorious for looking clunky and amateur. Even with your best effort, it may not look as polished as it would if you’d had an expert install your whole house audio system. Professional custom whole house audio design installations include sleek solutions that hide wires and space-saving solutions that occupy the least space. An expert can coordinate your audio to match your home decor best and hide anything that would be an unsightly eye sore. We can position your speakers for the best sound experience and ensure the overall setup is as pleasing to look at as it is to listen to.

What To Look For In A Custom Whole House Audio Design Company

It best to work with pros for a custom whole house audio design.

One-on-One In-Home Consultations

Home theater setups often need help with the solution provided matching your space or your family’s preferences. Inexperienced installers sometimes stick to their ideas without adapting to your needs. When looking for options, ask companies if they provide personalized in-home meetings before starting the work.

This is important to ensure they come up with a home theater design tailored just for you. After meeting you, they will understand the limits of your space, how you plan to use the theater and the kind of content you want to watch. The discussions during these meetings should be two-way, with the installer asking you questions and seeking your input rather than just giving one-sided suggestions.

Efficient Audio Components

When setting up a home theater, another concern is ending up with defective equipment. When searching for the right company, check which products they use for their projects. To experience the best audiovisual quality, it’s a good idea to collaborate with well-known brands. If you’re considering including a specific brand, let us know when we discuss your needs, and we’ll advise if it’s compatible with your system.

A custom whole house audio design offers many benefits.

Full-Scale All-in-One Solutions

Not only does AV matter when setting up, but other tech in the room affects your viewing. Avoid picking separate companies for each, which makes projects longer and more costly. Look for installers who offer various tech options, creating a complete and unified theater setup. In our installations, we make sure clients can easily adjust the mood with one-touch control of lights, temperature, and shades.

A Strong History of Excellence

Nothing is a better signifier of a company’s quality than their past work. During your search, look for custom whole house audio design companies with project galleries and reviews online to give you a better insight into what they can do.